I will make everyone love me!

I may be a little over tired after doing a 31,000 steps walk. I don’t want this post to come across as egotistical but it might do. I’m determined to make all those that have ever disliked me to love me. I know that I have a curvy slimmed down body now. I know that my eyes are alluring. I have an interesting personality and I’m certainly not like most people. I will draw the haters in regardless how long it takes. If I lose my shyness then there is no way others will be able to have any hate for me or not want to talk to me. I will pull everyone in like I have an invisible lasso. Professional boundaries etc will feel like they’re missing out. I’m going to be like those legendary sirens that lured sailors into dangerous waters… although there won’t be no danger. I’m a safe person. I’m completely sober just got a frazzled brain due to long walk.

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