I told you …

I did tell you that I would be a different person when they took me off that clause (s117 thing). I couldn’t be me under that thing. I can now feel free mentally and physically from my past… well, most of it. The system no longer is legally allowed to watch me or keep notes on me unless I go to the GP etc. I’m very careful what I tell parts of the NHS nowadays. I say enough but not too much. They are legally required by the government to report any health and safety concerns in regard to vulnerable adults etc. It’s not how we should have to live our lives but it is how it is at this point. I don’t ever condone lying outright. I say tell as much of the truth as possible but keep parts back to keep your life stuff protected. You can still be an honest decent person but hold back with most of your private stuff. As I said previously, I grew up in an old fashioned family (I was born quite late to an older family). I will never allow to actually live a gay lifestyle whether I am or not. I don’t think my cousin was even allowed to wear make up or nail varnish as a teenager when she lived at home. Tattoos on dads side is a no, no one has them. I only have 3 but they all mean stuff to me. I didn’t just have them for the sake of it. I had them done as an adult, along with my belly button piercing (that went infected and didn’t take) and my nose pierced a few times (also healed up so easily). I was in my early 20’s, I lived in the residential home for autistic people. I was away from where I grew up. I had a male friend who kept having his arms done as a sleeve. Tramp stamps were fashionable. We were the highest functioning in the home and rebelling was a huge thing. We pushed the staff to their limits coming back late drunk etc. I was twenty odd stuck in a shitty environment away from home. Anyway, now that I’m free I’m too old to do that crap but it would still be fun. I couldn’t say a lot of things under the system but I’ve made up for it over the last week. One a last thing. Someone left a note in the change area is one of the Sainsbury’s self check outs. I’m not saying what it was because otherwise some random trying it on will to collect it. I handed it in to the staff.

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