I’m the least person you should be suspicious of around here.

I’m never not going to stay offended about people blocking me and thinking I’m the troublemaker that they should keep away from. I’m not denying that there was a shut back in the day when younger. I know how to protect myself when I need to but I’m generally not a trouble maker. There are things you do not know about my life that I do not talk about in here or go into great detail about when talking to people. I will be upset until certain people, they know who they are. I don’t like it and I can’t hide if I’m upset about something. It comes through in everything I do which I cannot control. I swoop in to protect others and then normally am the one who gets the blame. I’m not scared of people who are abusive because of my background. I have learned not to fight everything but that comes with age. I’m too tired most of the time to get angry at people. One final note, I’m starting to look better in the iron tablets even after two days. I feel slightly better too. I have a week of hell every month though to pay the price of feeling and looking better. Sorry this may not make a lot of sense. I’m typing and doing stuff at the same time.

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