I deserve a rest but I’m not good at that.

I’m not good at resting. I feel burnt out but still continue to push myself. I can’t help that. I just am not good at resting. I don’t think I actually deserve to rest because I need to make up for my past. I have years of messes to undo. I have so many changes I need to push to happen externally. That means rest is not a priority. I fully deserve a rest after losing more weight. I worked hard to do that. I’m exactly 9 stone now (57.4kg / 126 lbs). I decided to go back on my iron tablets. I’m hoping that my allergies aren’t so severe on them. I’ve stopped having to blow my nose constantly after the first two dosages. The antihistamine did nothing yesterday. I’ve had a cold for weeks and my hair has been ridiculously dry. I’m hoping that things improve soon. I want proper energy back and the ability to sleep properly without waking up every few hours (also can be caused by anemia).

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