It’s going to be another long day.

I woke up with hay fever again. I also have a day where my hair is just doing its own thing. I washed it in just water and used a moisture treatment on it last night. Shampoo is drying and I didn’t need a proper wash. I just needed to get the product out of it and it was smelling a bit stale after my last gym session and walking a few days. The bleached parts on the end need extra care until they strengthen back up. I put frizz fighting stuff through it to sleep last night. It’s still damp so I’m letting it air dry. I left it in a low bun over night so it wouldn’t get damaged. I’m trying to avoid going back dark otherwise I won’t be able to put different colours on the bleached ends. It will eventually grow back dark anyway because my natural hair colour is a brown red kind of colour. I’m going home for round 2 of building the next part of the set of the flat pack furniture. There was 3 in the set. We got one done on Saturday. There’s a coffee table and lamp to build. I had about three hours sleep in total so this will feel like a long day.

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