Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s connections… keep guessing …

I keep my private life just that so I am not going into this too much. I think that the public should be kept guessing about certain things. Has anyone noticed that when they meet me that things improve for them? Maybe I am the second coming (I’m not allowing my ego to go there because the bad side of me will abuse it). Maybe I carry spiritual magic with me which would explain how I literally see things before they happen mostly in dreams. I also know people who have books published, therapist types, those in local government doing various campaigning. One of those has literally just got the position of mp if he is the candidate voted in locally at the may elections. I have had words about stuff to the people I know in the past but not so much nowadays (too busy, never stop enough to message people much). I couldn’t see this until I let go of my anger. I was up tight in attitude for the whole six months I was going through the process of getting off that s117 clause. I was very aware that it hadn’t previously been achieved by anyone on their own request. I had people close to me saying if anyone could pull off this first it would be me. They’ve seen me work miracles at the last moment when I thought things were going to go wrong. I literally got out of prison early and ended up with the right type of probation officer to undo all the legal mess surrounding that so that the unpaid work part got cancelled etc. I seem to be able to manifest what I need into my life to sort stuff over the past three years since I learnt how to use all the spiritual stuff.

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