I don’t find this a hard task.

I was very tired and did at 23,000 step walk to the next town and back. Others are like how? Honestly, I’ve built up to that capacity and it’s like a stroll to me now. I’m definitely going to sleep tonight. I literally worn myself out. I started my long walks at 12,000 to 14,000 steps… then I built the steps up to 16,000 and then 20,000 over three years. I can do over 20,000 but not as a regular thing. The record I’ve done is 35,000 but that was only once. If anyone wants to try to challenge me I’m always up for it. It isn’t appropriate if you’re complete beginners… you won’t be able to walk these types of long distances until you’ve built up your fitness and hardiness of your feet. Muscle training helps as it prevents your legs getting tired after the first 5 miles. I know that there are fitness types out there who can walk twice the amount of steps than mine per day. They get blisters and hard skin but that is just how it is with these types of activities. I also need to pace my knee that is still going back to normal after injury. That is why I have to rest in between long walks, I can’t do those every single day. Anyway, I am off before I fall down from tiredness. If anyone wants to challenge my competitive streak you know where to find me. I’m always up for it!

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