Migraine day, had to cancel plans.

I ended up with a severe migraine. I had to cancel todays plans. I need a rest day so that I can get rid of this horrible thing. I had broken sleep again which didn’t help. I woke up to pee 4 times. That is really annoying. I had drank more water trying to get rid of my migraine. That equals more toilet trips which can be disturbing and wakes me up every time. I haven’t had a migraine this bad for a while. I just can’t shift it properly. I even took pain medication which didn’t barely touch it for hours. I felt sick. I had a blocked nose (took an antihistamine too because the pollen is kicking off my hay fever at the moment), I kept going hot and cold. I had a hot head so I slept with a cold migraine strip on it. That didn’t help much apart from cooling down my head a bit. I didn’t get migraines for ages. They are now back regularly recently. I get them after a gym session. It’s normal to ache for a few days after weight training. It isn’t normal to get a full blown migraine where you can’t even have light near you because it is triggering pain. I can only look at things like my phone very briefly now. I felt sick and had a bad stomach with it. I felt sick most of the night. I used to actually be sick with these kinds of migraines so at least that is better than it used to be.

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