I do still want things …

It is entirely possible to learn your lesson and still want things. I know that others treated me like crap and said damaging stuff behind my back. I still want them to talk to me at some point just to put everything in the past and make things ok for the future. I don’t want to be left out in the cold socially in the long term future, it had knock on effects for me, eg. Blocked from that local social group on fb. I learned the lesson though. It took me a while to leave behind the anger but I managed to do that. I felt a lot of release from that anger when I got taken off the mental health clause I was on for the past 15 years. The lesson was not to let the actions of others affect me to the point where it impacts on my life (can’t sleep etc). The other person is really busy with various things at the moment and I believe that everything happens when it’s meant to… I don’t think we are meant to be connected at this point. Sometimes we aren’t ready as a person to meet someone who has a life of their own that isn’t aligned in balance enough for certain individuals to get on. Everything happens at the right time. That isn’t the right time for you but in general. Our plans aren’t what is always what is meant to be. The only way you don’t get stressed with things is by trusting that the universe has what is meant to be handled. There is definitely something we can’t see that controls things around us. I know that for sure. We all meet each other for a reason or things are connected in ways that is very random etc. I have enough faith that it will all work out, that the other person won’t hate me forever etc. I know that they think of me otherwise I wouldn’t see all the references to Greece and Greek stuff. That happens when I’m actively refusing to think of them. I’m not looking for signs, they just appear in front of me randomly throughout my day. It may take them a long time to contact me with that hard exterior that they have… but I know that things I said hit home to them etc, I can feel that.

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