I don’t talk about the depth of my struggles…

I woke up at a stupid hour but will probably go back to sleep for a few hours after posting this blog entry. I haven’t been well recently. The stupid sleep pattern is just the most annoying issue. I have felt completely drained of energy. That has affected my ability to function when awake. I don’t have migraines as much as I did a few years ago. They don’t last so long nowadays. I still can’t do anything but sleep when I get them because it’s too painful to be awake. I keep having an upset stomach. It was the most painful it has ever been so far yesterday evening. The medication to stop my monthly going heavy doesn’t seem to be working any longer. I know that I took it at the right time, it probably does slightly reduce it but it’s no longer sorting out the clot issues. They were larger than they’ve ever been previously. I have painful joints like my knee associated with my arthritis diagnosis. I have my blood test at the GP surgery today. That’s probably going to tell me I’m anemic again. I definitely will be lower after yesterday evening. I’m not going into graphic details but the pain I felt was worse than I ever previously felt alongside the other part. The monthly stuff caused my IBS to kick off and the pain of them both together was like being poked with sharp objects. I would like to work and do stuff but I can’t be consistent like this. I try so hard to overcome these things but it’s difficult.

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