Being an awake during the day is hard at first.

I am catching up with stuff that I didn’t do while my sleep pattern was bad. I’m still not used to being up this early in the day. I took the car to be cleaned after my blood test this morning and tidying my flat. I know that I still have bags under my eyes. Despite that the amount of attitude from other women I get now that I’m back to my slimmer weight is getting on my nerves. I’m not even pretty. There is no need to be a bitch to me. I have not said anything bad to them even. I hate the jealousy between women. I’m not going to nick your guys… or more likely girls so chill the f out. I’m friendly to everyone. I have to be. Bloggers have a half public life so I try to be friendly to everyone. I am very strict with my private life though and no one is allowed to touch me. The thing I don’t like is that people literally tell lies about people knowing they aren’t true. The ones that believe them are worse. No one should believe anything people tell them in a small town like where we live. I technically proved everyone wrong and shoved the truth in others faces whether you like my methods or not. I don’t care. I won’t win against a town full of small minded idiots.

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