I already want my bed!

I don’t know how but somehow I managed to stay awake the entire day. I’m exhausted by half 7. I don’t know why I keep waking up but it’s getting really irritating. As someone who is intuitive I try not to remember stuff I dream because I know it’s going to bug me. I’m sure that I did dream something about someone… who will not talk to me. I know more than others think that I know and that’s not because I’ve been snooping or anything. I can’t they’ve blocked me. I can’t repeat things I’ve seen in dreams on here due to confidentiality. As an intuitive you can’t go spouting out random information concerning others that you may get in dreams. I don’t remember enough details. The only thing that my inner knowing tells me is that there is more to it than them refusing to speak to me. I’m a stranger to others so I can’t make them tell me. I would hope that people would think I’m trustworthy. Ok, I was a right cow of antidepressants but I can’t take that back. I can only apologise and hope I’m forgiven in time and not go off them again. People need to understand that I get very angry after losing my son. I take it out on others that have kids because I really wanted them myself but my world fell apart. It’s not right to get angry at others and say mean stuff but if you were in my head and felt that pain then you’d understand how it sometimes happens. There are other factors in certain situations that are best left in the past because it will cause issues brought into the present. The things that happened was a long time ago now. 10 years ago (when my son got adopted) was so long ago that things are not even the same as they were then. I’d like to get on with everyone. I don’t want to be left out. I don’t want any bad stuff between myself or anyone. I can’t make that happen if the other person won’t accept my apology and talk it out. I’ve done what I can and can’t push it any further. Others are busy, life is even all over the place for me. It might be too soon yet. I just wish I could sleep without waking up. I’m not sure what is waking me. I have vague recollections of dreams but not enough to categorically say it’s an intuitive response. I’m extremely tired and need proper rest.

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