Regardless of how people dress it up this is how it actually is in black and white.

People try to justify their actions in many ways but let me tell you how it really is in black and white. Regardless of what is the reasoning behind a decision. I think some of those reasons given are a load of excuses but my opinion is another level to this entirely which isn’t up for discussion via this post. In black and white, I was not seen as good enough for others to not discard me. I am fully aware that some people thought that I wouldn’t get off the mental health clause. I proved you all wrong. So maybe I was misjudged etc? I work hard enough to earn the right to be good enough. I’m not some layabout. Even when I can’t sleep at night because of the way others have treated me I still get up to do stuff. I have learnt how to do things on very little sleep. I would love to fix it with others but they have no desire to fix stuff with me because as I said I’m just not good enough. I lost weight, I work hard despite not being paid and I give a shit… but still lots of excuses because I’m still not good enough.

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