Late night thoughts… just thinking before I sleep.

I am just laying here awake waiting for my cat to return with his sister. I send him out there to find her when I want them to come back for the night. It’s so cute. He normally chases her back to the window. I’m so much more relaxed and less angry since I found out todays news regarding coming off the section 117 aftercare clause. I feel like a layer of weight has been removed from me mentally. I’m not so bothered about the little things anymore that really used to bug me. I’m still upset about what others have done but I’m not emotionally affected anymore. I feel a lot more positive about the future. I keep getting told I’m very intelligent. That isn’t the case. I learned to survive. I got educated so that I could read/write. I can set out a professional letter, write a blog and network with others who could potentially advance my position as a writer. That isn’t intelligence. I managed to get off of a clause that apparently no one has managed to achieve previously. I did that by networking with those in the system and learning the process from the inside. It is common sense, not intelligence. I will take it as a compliment though. I went for a freezing cold walk this evening. I didn’t put my coat on because it was ok with just a jumper before it got dark. I saw a shooting star on my way back to the car. I hear that is lucky. The repeated numbers thing is happening constantly. That hasn’t really stopped. I saw a hedgehog before it even got dark (unusual), a fox and two rabbits jumping around on the side of the road on the grass. The fox looked quite red which is uncommon nowadays, the grey ones have bred their colour into the red fox genetic line. Seeing animals can be signs too. I never normally see that many wild animals when I’m out. We also have wild deer around here. I saw one up by the sports club on Leicester Road on my way home late one night a few months ago. I need to try to get some sleep because I have a few phone calls to make tomorrow (in a few hours).

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