Today is always hard.

11 years ago today I had my son. Regular blog readers know he went for adoption at 14 months old against my wishes. This date is always difficult every year. It’s got easier as time went on but I still feel sad. I haven’t slept but I was being productive instead of laying awake scrolling. I was attempting to build my new flat pack tv unit. I built bits but my brain got frazzled by trying to decipher the instructions. It looks right but I’m going to check it again once I’ve had a break. I struggle with puzzles as part of my disability so these things are like a huge mind f*ck to my brain. That black cat has just come in again trying to take over. I thought we had got rid of him but he returned this morning after a year of not strolling in. I can’t get rid of him. He is aggressive if I approach him. I think out of fear but that makes it impossible to get him back out the window again. I tried and he scratched me when I got too close. He doesn’t look cared for. He has shabby eyes and paws. I don’t want to get someone’s cat removed because the last time I heard his owner had dementia or something along those lines. The cat maybe his only companion. He hasn’t strolled into mine for over a year. There must be something wrong otherwise he wouldn’t have the aggressive attitude. Maybe the cat has dementia. That would explain why he is scared and fearful. If he doesn’t know where he is and these flats are laid out the same. He doesn’t mind me unless I get too close. I hope he hasn’t got anything in his claws because he just scratched me. I can’t have him strolling in here when he wishes because it upsets my cats. I’m going to have to get someone to catch him and at least check him over because he doesn’t look very well looked after. I wouldn’t feel right if I did nothing. He obviously isn’t happy at home again for some reason.

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