Today didn’t go to plan.

Sleep pattern is a mess… that is just one of those things at the moment. I also woke up with a migraine. I’ve now slept that off so I’m feeling better now. I recover quite quickly compared to what I used to… it took me sometimes days to get rid of a migraine. I still ache but that is gym related. That always happens the day after I increase weights. In case of future migraines I would appreciate if I said I would do something but forgot due to waking up please remind me. I forgot to do something today. Luckily the person messaged me to check why I hadn’t messaged them. I could barely look at my phone most of the day without my head throbbing. I was supposed to be doing stuff around my flat but I went for an evening walk to get out for a bit. I need to wake up properly before tacking any little bits of cleaning. I’m getting a lot of small businesses adding me to fb since my follower number has started increasing. I had my old fb profile full of different people, most I didn’t know. I had to chose between current profile and old one when I made a new one due to forgetting the password. I chose the old one to be deactivated. I don’t have everyone from random places on my new one. I talk to people on messenger that aren’t on my friends list because that is how I intend to keep my life private if I do ever reach any kind of fame level. I only have friends I knew from school and that is not the entire class just those I hung around with at points of my life and family just in case stuff happens that either I need to inform them about or they need to tell me. I have my actual blog page for everyone else. The diary of a painfully shy introvert one is the one I prefer people to follow for updates. I’m trying to get rid of the other one when I changed the name briefly because friends told me it didn’t give others the right impression about me. I will share things for people on public pages. I have public instagram and twitter. I don’t do it very often. I have tagged my hairdresser only a few times when she’s done my hair and I’ve posted a photo. I sometimes reshape posts from the fb page that my page follows. I only really follow services that I’ve used so that I know what I’m recommending to others. I would be happy to be given discounts to share stuff about various businesses on my pages that would help my personal situation. I have been told that I sell myself short and that I need to sell myself more otherwise people treat me like a cheap option etc and I don’t get less than I deserve.

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