Sleep pattern still a mess…

I didn’t get home until later than I planned. I waited in the gym car park for the guy that I had to block to come out. It’s too awkward and I don’t feel comfortable. Then my neighbour informed me that a guy was hanging around my flat windows. So, it seems I probably have two unwanted admirers. I can’t accuse anyone but I have an idea of who the person hanging around my window could be. Someone jumped in my window years ago. I did get him done for it but they could still be watching me. I have to get up early due to a parcel delivery. It’s after half 5 in the morning now so even if I somehow sleep it won’t be for long. I have been given a 4 hour window. I hope that they don’t leave me until last because I’ve got up at a stupid hour to stroll around doing stuff around my flat feeling extremely tired because I’ve had no sleep. The furniture is flat packed too which is going to be a challenge. I’m changing the tv stand and bedside table that has basically worn out. I had those things at my old flat over a decade ago. The tv stand is rusty on its legs and the table just looks so discoloured now (it’s canvas covered). I need to at least try to sleep for an hour now.

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