I am struggling today :(

I wasn’t up when the delivery came. They woke me up ringing the buzzer. I went back to sleep after that because I knew that I wouldn’t get disturbed again. The two boxes are in my hallway. I’m going to have to attempt to build them at some point during the week. I don’t have the energy to figure stuff out right now. I went to sleep with a migraine cold patch on my forehead. It seems to have helped a lot. I kept waking up hot a few times when I had to get up to pee. I pushed myself harder at the gym and it’s starting to show. I put the weight up on a few things. They start feeling lighter as muscle builds up. I end up with bruises coming up on my legs after every weight training session now. I’m not over doing it. I build up slowly to what I know I can do. I add extra weights on existing levels if I know I’m not able to fully lift the next level on the setting. I lost a lot of strength during the 3 month break I had to have due to injury. Also, I couldn’t just go back into it too quickly because it would just lead to injuries again. I’m clumsy enough so there’s always little injuries on me, for instance, bruises. I keep feeling cold today. It’s annoying me going from one extreme to the other. I was too hot last night. Freezing this morning when I went back to sleep. I was normal for a while. Then started to feel cold again. I have the heating on low (I can’t afford to turn it up) and keep putting electric blanket on while in bed. It is most likely hormones due to my monthly being due in a few days. I had a really bad stomach last night. I’m not sure if I ate something which was dodgy or I’m allergic too (seriously my allergies are getting worse, I react to things I never did previously). It was really sore and felt like waves in there. I haven’t eaten yet because it still feels a bit off. I finally got my ear scabs to clear up though which I had for a few weeks. I’m glad because they were getting annoying and sore. It’s all about preserving with them. I was literally putting cream and oil on the outside of my ear for a few weeks. I know that I have naturally dry skin which doesn’t help these issues. I have been doing the same with my hair too. That is a lost cause right now. It doesn’t look great despite the leave in conditioner cream and the oil around the parts that are growing back at the front sides. I am drinking more water so hopefully that helps dryness in skin and hair. I still probably don’t drink enough water but I’m trying my best. It’s hard, I’m never going to be a water kind of person. I like baths but that is different. I have stuff to do so I have to log off now.

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