Exhaustion hit me badly today.

I could have reset my sleep pattern. However, I got a wave of exhaustion hit me. I have my blood test for anemia next week so I will see if my levels have improved. I don’t feel that they have… literally the way tiredness just hits me is quite intense, not even felt like going the gym in a week. I had some interesting dreams. I was talking to dead relatives that I haven’t seen in years. I seem to be getting more connected to things. I was talking to a celebrity via video call too. I can’t remember who they were though. I know that they weren’t dead. The only relative that I recognised was my grandad. He was creating images to tell me things that kept appearing. He died when I was only 4. I haven’t thought about him much in years. I don’t even think about both of my nana’s at this point due to only being 10 when they died in the same (mum’s side beginning and dad’s side toward the end of the year). I’m not the kid that they knew anymore. I have seen my grandad in my dreams on and off but not for many years until last night. Dad has come back to see me multiple times since he died but not recently. He did a lot at first. They are on their own journey. They can’t constantly come back to communicate with us. It takes them a lot of energy to manifest themselves in our dreams. That could explain why I feel wiped out. They probably latched onto mine because they know I’m naturally connected and can be used as a tool to be present in dreams. The living can also tug at the energy of another living person. Sometimes they’re not even aware of it. I’ve been feeling drained recently. If it’s not anemia causing it then my energy is being accessed by someone either living or passed over. I don’t like it but sometimes this happens. I have no more energy to take and use, it’s drained my energy battery so leave me to recharge please. I will forcibly do stuff to cut the chords if whoever or whatever doesn’t stop leeching my energy. I don’t do spell work because I feel it messes with stuff. I will have no choice if I can’t detach others dead or alive from my energy. I’m tired. I need a break.

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