So, this is my day so far.

I fell asleep at 9am. I woke up at 12. I managed to get my hair washed but now it looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards because I went out with it slightly wet and the wind has blown it everywhere. I’m not sure if I like my eyebrow tint and it is starting to itch so I hope my allergies aren’t kicking off. I was late for that appointment because one of the cats was sick. I had to clean it up. I also had to stop the other cat from eating it before I got it up. I was trying to clean my flat with my nose streaming from hay fever. I didn’t get this done because the cat being sick and just having enough time to pick that up. Then I get the suggestion that if I worked my sleep pattern would be fixed. That isn’t a fact. I went to college every single day for a whole year on barely any sleep. I had to be up early and there until mid afternoon then. I just didn’t sleep. I don’t know if I could work. I literally can’t sit still for long because of trauma affects. I don’t have a chill mode for my brain, it always has to be active.

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