I can’t help the way my hair is…

I had an awful day already. Then my mother starts telling my hair is dry and looks wild. I can’t change that. I tried to straighten it every week once a week so it was styled but even that dried it out more. It looked ok for the first two weeks but then the fronts kept breaking. Then I had to have the whole front part layered really short due to the damage. I can’t change it, it will just have to be in a dry mess natural so that the damage isn’t done to it. I’ve tried to tame the natural waves but that leaves it dry/snappy too. I still haven’t grown back my eyelashes and eyebrow properly on one side despite putting oil on them daily. I even tried to drink more water and that isn’t stopping my hair from getting dry either. I always rinse it with cold water to try to reduce the frizz. I can’t do anything with it which doesn’t result in snapping. I eat well and take the medication to stop my monthlies being heavy so I shouldn’t be low on iron now.

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