Sleep pattern still messed up but sometimes that is the way it is…

I saw daylight but only because the seasons are changing and the evenings are now light. I haven’t eaten today yet because I’m not hungry. If I keep eating too much anyway I won’t get down to my target weight of 105 lbs. I’m slightly under the weight that Bridget jones was in the book/film. That shows how toxic the whole weight thing is when it comes to what they thought was skinny at that time. There’s no need to eat when I’m not hungry. I’m off for a walk because I didn’t go for one yesterday. I think the weather has gone over now. I’m glad that I wasn’t out earlier. I heard the wind and rain from my bed. Anyway, don’t worry after the rain we get a summer like last year again apparently. I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I did. I didn’t walk in the middle of the day. I waited until the evening to go out. I feel the cold easily and my knee always kicks off. At the moment my finger and knee is sore today. Obviously I will be more careful with getting sunburnt the next time. I was lucky due to living in an older style flat. It was cool in my place. Some of the modern houses were roasting. I was sticking to my mums leather sofas. White or pale clothing reflects the suns heat and definitely don’t go outside with hair oil in because it will just fry your hair. That applies to your skin too, trust me, I did it by accident. I know that I don’t like the feel of sunscreen but the amount of burn I got I’m going to encourage other people to use it. Some of my skin hasn’t recovered months later. I need to be up tomorrow so I’m going to drag myself out of bed.

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