I need sleep, got important stuff to do.

I’m in the process of transforming my life internally and externally. I have a lot of stuff to do which requires me to be up during the day. I’m having a clean out and sorting my flat out. I can’t do that if I’m getting no sleep. I’m beyond the point of exhaustion and burn out. I can’t sort out what is keeping me awake. Intuition doesn’t just turn itself off. It’s not even that I need closure … I just want the repeated numbers and other strings of information to stop. I’ve managed to cope with other stuff in my life with no form of closure. It’s not that. I just need to rest. I also have noticed that my toenails are finding their way into my skin again. That could be keeping me awake too. I am very sensitive to pressure and soreness even tiny amounts. I will try to sort them myself for now. I cut them too far down and will now have to train them as they grow. It may not work but I have no choice now.

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