Already finding existing hard today… then I checked my email.

I was asleep quite a lot so I didn’t check my email until later today. I got an email from the social worker who apologised for the delay in replying. We are back to the waiting game again. It sounds like the decision has been made that I can come off the 117 clause… however, as with everything in the system, two organisations involved with the whole process have to officially sign my paperwork off. One of those organisations was the one I had to put the complaint in to push the issue when it got stuck in process previously. I have already been told the next level of the complaints procedure in the letter answering the previous one. Then the letting agency sent me an email informing me that my rent is going up by £60 in June. So yes, on top of how I already feel they hasn’t helped. I am struggling mentally over stuff relating to other people but I can’t do anything about it. It doesn’t matter about the fact that I’m seeing constant signs and can’t sleep. As an intuitive you have to respect others when they tell you to back off otherwise you get into trouble. I can’t go to someone else to talk it through. They don’t want to know. I have to respect that regardless whether I think it’s fair or am suffering a lot. I’ve tried to push it aside and refuse to think about certain things. That doesn’t actually work all the time when you’re naturally intuitive. I must pick things up for a reason but in reality there is nothing I can do. If I approach and force someone to talk to me then they won’t and it will anger them. I can’t afford to mess up. I have stuff going the right way for me recently…I never thought that the system would allow me off that clause. I can’t afford to mess that up by trying to stop my intuition messing with my head. It is bad when I can’t sleep at all and start to disassociate. I can’t fix something if the other party involved isn’t prepared to work with me.

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