Today has been ok. Positive mindset, got back out there!

I enjoyed my rest day but I had to go back out there to do stuff today. I didn’t get up until late as I didn’t sleep last night (I have to stop doing that but my pattern is messed up badly). I managed to get an Easter egg today. It was an orange chocolate flavoured one because all the others had gone. It was the same last year. In the years before that they always had a lot left on the actual weekend. I am surprised because the price of them has got ridiculous, like everything else. I must be looking better than I was because in one day since I have been out. I was wolf whistled from a car window (although I don’t like that), some woman looked me up and down when I was coming into the supermarket looked me up and down (don’t ask me why), then I got a random message from a guy at the same gym telling me he used to talk to me. I can’t remember him. I have met a lot of people though. I’m starting to get the attention I did when I was slimmer. I don’t like people just looking at me for my body though. I want people to actually see that I have brains even if my mind doesn’t always work properly. I know that looking better draws people in to see those brains… even if some still just see physical attributes. I went for a walk while getting bits that I needed. It’s best to get everything done while I’m over here because I don’t have to go out every day. I am going to a relatives tomorrow for dinner but I also have housework to do. I couldn’t do it before I went out because I ran out of kitchen towels which I needed to wipe cleaning products off of surfaces.

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