Ignorance is bliss, that’s a promise I stand firmly behind.

I have seen several TikTok videos (yes, still not asleep because sleep pattern is upside down) showing military helicopters and vehicles travelling in convoys around the UK, particularly down south. Then people are also questioning the motives behind the emergency broadcast system being tested on our phones on 23rd April. They are thinking the government isn’t telling us everything. It may just be in case of floods etc. Some areas of the country get flooded regularly because of rivers located nearby that burst their banks. It has already been rolled out in other countries who have earthquakes, volcanoes and things like tornadoes. I know it’s hard to not worry about potential facts we might not be being told. Putin has threatened us for giving stuff to Ukraine to fight them. I thought that would make us a potential target before he went on Russian tv broadcast saying he would be forced to retaliate. Then there is the added thing that any country he enters could potentially hand him over to be tried for war crimes. I personally wouldn’t worry if he didn’t have nuclear weapons. It’s so easy to launch missiles or torpedos under the sea to target us. There would be a huge tidal wave drowning us all or we would all be poisoned by radiation if we managed to survive. I had that dream years ago where there was a nuclear attack here but I thought nothing of it until Russia started attacking Ukraine and we were helping the people caught up in it. I can categorically say that ignorance is bliss because being naturally intuitive I pick up things that I would rather not know. I would love to just not know stuff. I don’t know what is going to happen. I feel certain things but I’m unsure what they mean at the moment. It’s best not to think about what ifs. The only thing you can possibly do is live in the present because tomorrow isn’t promised, anything could happen. Freak accidents have happened to people that never predicted, wrong place, wrong time etc. Even if we know or feel stuff before it happens there is sometimes no way to intervene. If an emergency alert happened about a nuclear attack when I was walking then I wouldn’t be able to get out of the way. That would be my end even if I did get on the ground like your supposed to do. The fallout would still poison me which still leads to death but it’s a slow painful one. People die of cancers a lot after being exposed to nuclear radiation. I’m not trying to scare anyone. I’m just relaying what I know from reading information and watching documentaries (I’m quite a geek).

There are things we cannot explain and aren’t meant to understand. I keep seeing constant repeated numbers all the time (beyond ridiculous amount of times a day over the last few days). I keep seeing or hearing references to someone’s home country. That has got more frequent since I set my mind to try to forget them. Today the tv made it very obvious, not only did several questions relate to their language/country, then there was a question which had the answer of the profession that they do. I can’t explain it. The strings of information I’m seeing is like the universe throwing it in my face. I can only assume that our paths were meant to cross for a reason. I will reiterate the phrase that ignorance is bliss. It would be so nice to not be an intuitive type who see signs, feels stuff etc. I would have such a quieter more peaceful life.

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