I didn’t leave my flat today.

I decided to have a much needed rest day. I didn’t leave my flat today. I had stuff to do around here. I also needed to rest my knee. Unfortunately, despite my finger hurting too, that was harder to rest while cleaning / sorting stuff out. I slept most of the day so technically it did get some rest. I had a bath later, exfoliated and shaved my legs so I feel better plus more relaxed now. I am probably not going to sleep yet due to sleeping during the day and I can hear upstair’s dog making noises because they’ve gone out. I’m not going to bother messaging them because I’ve said something before. Hopefully they either come back soon or the dog wears himself out complaining. I don’t mind it during the day but it’s nearly quarter past 1 in the morning.

I woke up to the sad news that Paul from the pop group s club 7 had passed away at just 46 years old. That band was literally part of my childhood. We listened to that group, steps etc during secondary school. I shared a lot of their songs on twitter as a tribute. Life is short, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. ‘Reach’ for the stars, climb every mountain because ‘love isn’t going to wait for you’, you have to ‘bring it all back to you’ before it’s time to ‘say goodbye’ to ‘you’. Enjoy being ‘alive’ and ‘don’t stop moving’, aim to be at least ‘two in a million. – I know that wasn’t that good but I was trying to use their song titles.

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