I think I’ve reset my sleep pattern.

I’m up late but I think that I will be asleep before the morning for the first time in weeks. I’m sat here chilling out waiting for the microfibre head turban to help dry my hair faster. Apparently these also help reduce frizz while drying. I still have a lot of stuff around my flat to do tomorrow. I wanted to get my hair colouring, shampooing, conditioning and moisture treatment done tonight. The process is quite long. It took me half an hour to apply colour, left it on half an hour, washed it off then shampooed/conditioned (that is also my hair washed for the week). Then I applied moisture treatment. That has to be left on for at least half an hour. I left it on for an hour because I was watching the tv. It takes me quite a while to do my hair even without colouring it because of how thick it is. I’m not complaining… even the tiny bit of hair I lost really didn’t look like much despite it being all around the front due to the amount of hair I’ve got in general. It can be a handful. It’s worth it when it’s all nicely done. I’m really not going to let things upset me anymore. I don’t want to be kept awake any longer. There’s a point where I just have to let go or it will impact on my life. I won’t have a future if I can’t sleep enough to make plans. Lack of sleep has a lot of consequences. I’ve noticed that I end up with headaches (sometimes migraine level). Then my brain just doesn’t want to function. I either can’t string a sentence together or make dumb mistakes/forget things. That isn’t good for me. I can’t be like that long term. I can’t afford to not be able to string a sentence together on the podcasts I’ve been invited to participate in. I don’t want to look like a complete dumb fool. I have to forget how hurt I am over other peoples actions. It’s just breeding negativity and making me feel depressed.


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