The affects of dieting really suck!

I’m in a lot of pain due to being constipated. I could go a bit but there’s still a lot in there.? I can definitely feel it. Sorry for the too much information but it’s so uncomfortable! This happens when you’re doing the whole weight loss thing. It doesn’t happen too much however when it does it’s very uncomfortable. I feel like there is a hard ball in my lower abdomen. I have heat on it to try to stop the pain. It will be fine once I can get rid of it. It normally clears within a day. Hormones can cause this too. I’m leading up to monthly. That may be causing it rather than diet. I can’t wait until it passes. The pain is getting annoying when I’m trying to get to sleep. I also keep getting bad ear scabs which just won’t go away. Crusts keep forming all around the edge of the top of my ears. I don’t recommend picking them even though I do. The scabs are quite thick so I can feel them pulling. I pick them to peel the scab layers off that feel like they’re pulling. You really shouldn’t pick stuff or they may get infected. I have a sore nose from blowing it (got a cold), literally it keeps bleeding from one spot. It isn’t so sore if I put Vaseline on it. I feel so battered right now.


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