Late night thoughts… autism awareness/acceptance stuff.

I am still awake but I’m organised to just get up and dressed in the morning (well, a few hours now). I have the clothes that I’m wearing out on the radiator, clean sheets on my bed, oil on my eyelashes (the part where I lost them isn’t so noticeable now) and tidied up before I went to bed. Then it won’t feel chaotic when it’s time to get up. I felt so tired and overwhelmed earlier because everything was going wrong. I washed my duvet and it came out ripped from the washer. It’s never done that before when I’ve washed it. I thought that I may have to sleep on the sofa but luckily it wasn’t that wrecked and dry by about 3 am so I could use it. It will fall apart soon because the stuffing was coming out of part of it but I’ve ordered a new one that I will pick up tomorrow via click and collect. I have other bits to get while I’m out too which I can get all on the same complex. I’m not up to going far at the moment unless I have to and if I do then I normally get various bits on my walk. I need a rest day before my next gym session which is normally toward the end of the week. I’m extremely tired so I need to log off now. Anyway, for autism awareness/acceptance content from different creators please check out the social pages (twitter and Facebook) for things I’ve shared relating to the subject.

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