I got soaked.

I didn’t think it was raining that bad but it was enough to start seeping through my coat. I have a lot of stuff to get in my flat when I get home (at least 3 trips back and forth) and the rain doesn’t seem to want to stop. I’ve gained a few pounds again and my thighs feel extremely huge. I swear that the fat I lost is making its way back onto me. That area feels full of excess fat again. It had nearly all gone a few weeks ago. As soon as my hormones kick off again and I keep having to sleep during the day because I can’t sleep at night this is what happens. I’m not looking forward to putting my trainers back on. I have wet socks and had to take my feet out of there because it was just too wet. I don’t want my feet going infected or something. I already have a bruised toe (yep, another bruise).

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