Should I say this? Should I not? You know I’m going to say it!

I don’t care what is going around right now. I can probably guess what certain other people have said locally. Well, I don’t want anyone to feel bad or look bad because other people have to make money etc, completely trashing someone’s name would potentially lose them business. If others are looking at me like I’m the bad one then I just want to point certain things out. They were really chatty with me via email at the beginning. Then they suddenly went cold and flipped to being really aloof. I said what I did because of them being that way. I told them basically how I saw their actions and a lot of other observations I had made. I opened up to them and then they slammed the door in my face. Then when I told them how I saw their actions they told me that was hurtful … erm, their actions hurt me. There’s a fine line between being professional and down right mean. They can’t see that. They just probably think I was being unreasonable. I was just saying exactly what I saw. I was trying to provoke a reaction too so I laid it on. That was to break down their wall so that they would open up to me. Instead, it backfired and they cut me off. I know my methods are quite unorthodox but believe it or not I did it because I care. It’s messed up but I’m not a bad person like others may have said locally.

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