It’s felt like a long day.

I didn’t sleep for long. I was still awake at 9 this morning. I was awake by half 12. Then I fell asleep until about 2 after my alarm… so broken sleep again. I had a forgetful brain all day. I took my food shop back rather than left it in the car because I thought that I had left the heating on at home. I hadn’t but it’s better to go back to check rather than end up with a massive bill. I only had it on because I was drying a blanket off. I have to be up tomorrow because the vet could ring me any time during the day about Mimi’s teeth issues. I missed their call on Friday so apparently they’ve made me a telephone appointment tomorrow. I then went the gym on my way home from mums. I didn’t bring water with me because I somehow lost the water bottle I had in my car. I tried to get some from the gym but their machine was broken. It’s harder working out without water. The one I got from the shop for my gym session earlier seems to have disappeared from my car. I can’t buy a drink from any other shop around here after a certain time because Sunday hours aren’t as long. I thought that I was all organised to drop into the gym on the way home but this didn’t work out. I think that I have a cold because my nose won’t stop running and it actually bled earlier because I’ve had to blow it that much. It’s not pleasant. I am looking forward to a bath and to go bed. I probably won’t sleep but I’m going to attempt it.

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