Sleep pattern completely messed up. Emotional things bugging me at night.

I really haven’t slept much even during the day but can’t at all during the night for the last few days. I am hurt emotionally by the actions of others. I think about stuff at night and then get no sleep. I’m coping with it. I’m trying to get over stuff by throwing myself into being busy during the day. I need to get some sleep soon because I’m off to the gym on the way to mums for dinner today. I have to get stuff from supermarket on the way past too so I need to be up and out by early afternoon… maybe I should just skip sleep that would be easier. I don’t think it will stop hurting for a while yet. There’s no chance of the other person changing their mind so I’m going to have this sadness weighed on me for the foreseeable future. They don’t even care how what they’ve done / said has affected me. That is just how other people are naturally.

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