Reality isn’t ever going to change for me.

It is extremely difficult to accept that my reality is always going to be something that I don’t particularly want and that I find quite stressful. In all the fairy tales you’d come across someone who believe in you, believe you about certain parts of your life and give you a whole new life. We don’t live in a fairy tale story and that doesn’t happen to anyone unless they’re really lucky. I just get a load of stress on top on life stuff that I don’t need when it comes to other people. I wish that people believed me. They just assume I’m lying about my life. I’m not but that’s what others are always going to think. Let’s face it, I’m never getting away from the area where I was born, I’m most likely stuck here forever. That mentally isn’t good for me but I have learnt to numb myself and switch off the hurt from memories of my past and the frustrations of my reality.

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