Do NOT call me from a no caller ID at nearly 3 in the morning!

I’m a nervous person anyway. When I get a call at nearly 3 am I get anxious. This has never happened before. I don’t want it happening again. I’m terrified on the same level as when people ring my door buzzer. Please don’t do it. I’m minding my business causing no trouble and just wish to be left alone. I will talk to others out of my home if I have to do so. When I’m at home that is my safe space where no one enters or comes near unless I say it’s ok. It has got to be someone who is watching my blog because I hadn’t long posted an entry. I’ve done nothing wrong so I want no one coming to my door or phoning me from no caller id at a stupid hour. I am fine. I require no support and my welfare is of no concern. This sentence means that legally no one has the excuse to infringe on my personal space. I know the law, I have qualifications in the subject. These words above carry a lot of power and if people go against my wishes then I could get them into trouble if I reported people that ignored the statements I have said above. I am absolutely fine on my own. I am not doing anything to anyone. There are no welfare concerns here whatsoever. I repeat this again for those that don’t want to listen.

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