April fools day warning…

The date is April 1st… those that know it’s April fools day are fine but for those that don’t remember here’s a reminder. I’m not doing an April fools this year. However, do not believe anything you hear before mid day today otherwise tradition says that you’re a fool… I’m sure that many people know they’re a fool in general but don’t show yourself off. I won’t believe anything I hear today so please don’t even try to prank me. I don’t want to participate this year. I’m normally down for it… April is the month of my son’s birthday and happens to be autism acceptance month. I’m struggling already. This month is not easy hearing everyone talk about autism and some of those things being merely assumptions. I put them right over so many years. I don’t have the energy to do it anymore. I will put stuff on the blog but I hate the constant back and forth conversations with those that are ignorant. They are stuck in their own opinions and there is nothing changing it. Jonny’s birthday is on 16th which is always difficult for me. He’s 11 now which this year makes me feel old. He will be a teenager before I know it. Then I will be old because I will be in my 40s. I know it doesn’t sound old… I feel like I was 24 (when I had him) just yesterday. The years go by so fast. I’m not even the same person. I feel like that me is a stranger now. I have progressed in life but I still feel that I could have done more over these years. Many of them feel like they’ve been wasted.

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