I’m feeling battered this morning.

I woke up early but I had broken sleep anyway. I had to get up to the toilet 3 times. I have a migraine, trying to get rid of that by a cold patch on my head. It seems to be working. I’ve got to be up soon because I have stuff to do involving being somewhere by a certain time. I hope that I feel less achy by the time I get up. I feel a lot better than when I first woke up (the last time I woke up because I had to get up to pee at least 3 times making sure I didn’t fully wake myself up too much so that I fell back to sleep quickly). I keep drinking water because I have always been so bad at keeping hydrated. I know that it will help my skin issues (dry scabby skin) and my hair will probably be a lot less dry in texture. I’m so used to picking up sweet tasting fizzy soft drinks. That is fine when I’m out doing things but at home I drink tea and now trying to add water to that routine. It tastes like nothing… that doesn’t make it easy to want to drink it. I don’t think I will ever like it.


One response to “I’m feeling battered this morning.”

  1. Great job trying to stay hydrated! Your efforts will definitely pay off in the long run for your skin and hair. Keep it up!


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