I swear that I’m just being fobbed off again.

I was told at the meeting a week ago that they would be progressing the section 117 aftercare withdrawal this week. I’ve had nothing happen but the social worker I’m assigned to ask me whether I would change my mind. She only works 3 days a week but the manager involved works full time hours. I sent two follow up emails and no response. I only got the meeting because I put in the complaint. I have been given the next stage of the complaints process by the previous level so if I don’t get anywhere by the end of next week that complaint will be going in. I think my views are being dismissed again. I don’t like that. The whole thing about being finally removed from the section 117 aftercare clause is a big deal to me. This is an important stage to reclaiming my freedom that they took from me. The freedom to exist without paperwork being able to be legally shared about my past. The freedom to finally distance myself from who I used to be because I’m not that same person anymore. The goal has a wide impact / purpose for me. It may not be important and dismissive to others but they aren’t me and never had my life experience.

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