Fell into bed tonight…

I was very tired tonight because I barely slept for a few hours today, got up and went out. I did a gym session on barely any sleep. I went for a walk to collect some enamel regeneration toothpaste which I’d ordered from the online store of boots. I don’t know if it’s going to work but I need to try to fix my teeth somehow. I just about made it to bed without falling asleep on the sofa. I had to move the cat off of my lap to get up before we both ended up asleep on there the entire night. I have a migraine but I think it’s the allergy to the hair product surfacing again. I will need to wash it off to stop it continuing to try to react. I didn’t want to wash it straight away because because it was freshly cut and styled looking nice. If it hadn’t been mild then I would have probably had to wash it off. I have taken an allergy tablet and painkillers so I’m hoping that it sorts it out. I had an egg batch / cob / bun (whatever you call it in your part of the country)… sometimes I am allergic to egg’s slightly but other times I’m totally fine. I hope that I’m not allergic to that new toothpaste. I keep having random reactions to stuff at the moment. I have always been allergic to certain things that make my skin come out in rashes. It’s just got more regular now I’m getting older. They are never bad reactions. I don’t know if reacting to things can cause long term damage but I live with it. I can’t change it. It might get better when I start sleeping better. I don’t know when that will be. It’s definitely going to not take long for me to drop off tonight.

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