It’s obvious that the gossip has been flowing now…

I haven’t slept the entire night again so excuse me if I sound kind of snappy. I have to be quite matter of fact here. I fear that the gossip has been flowing because I asked the admin and instead of responding to me telling me why they made that decision … they blocked me. I have done nothing wrong. I know that I haven’t because I’m the type of person who keeps track of interactions… I’m quite sure that I’ve done nothing. What if I wanted to fight my anxiety issues and go to these social things? I’m now not welcome … so much for being told it’s inclusive. Instead of listening to gossip inferring that I have a bad reputation… how about actually get to know me? If you did that then you’d see that the gossip is not true. Even if it is based on true events it’s probably been embellished by someone else before they recycled it and passed it on. I have a past but that is all that it is. I have my autism still so I will never be totally normal, you just mould and settle down with age. I’m a nice person. I have an attitude but that is there for a reason, no one is calm most of the time. I at least deserve an explanation as to the reason behind getting kicked out and blocked from the group. I don’t know why it is so hard for others who are neurotypical to be even slightly supportive.

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