I’m fed up of the ignorance!

I can’t go on a huge rant regarding certain things because I have to be up in the morning. I’m not going to sit here on autism awareness/acceptance week and let certain narratives be shared without saying anything. Another video from a parent saying that people don’t lose their child/ren for nothing when it comes to social services taking them. I wasn’t the most mature person when I had my son and I fought back at the authorities because they were basically bullying me via the legal structures they can work under. I proved the malicious reporting to be false, the tests proved my son wasn’t hurt at all and there was absolutely no signs of abuse on him (only his mark next to his eye that he got from a forcep birth, that wasn’t me who caused that). They ignored my requests for mental health support after I ended up at the GP saying I couldn’t take what was being done to me anymore. They just believed other people maliciously feeding stuff to the services and came in to take my son because they could do that due to him being on a child protection plan. That plan only happened because of malicious reporting that was happening when I was pregnant (I was unaware of what was going on behind my back). Then they made me sign a form saying that the children’s services could access all my records. They told me that this is the only way that they could arrange support for me. Instead they used it to make a case against me planning to take him at birth unless I moved back in with my mum (there are a multitude of reasons why that would never have worked but because I’ve never spoken about certain things that was the option I was pushed into). It was proven that my son had NEVER been harmed yet they took him on the notion that due to x, y, z … basically using my disability issues against me … he would be at future risk of harm. I wish that people out there would just listen! If I hadn’t been totally screwed over then I wouldn’t have gone to the open uni to get qualified enough to try to expose what is still happening and prove that my son should never have been taken for adoption. The solicitors/ barristers working in family law don’t fight for the parents or dispute any of the supposed facts. I had to go get a new assessment to prove that all their labels were wrong. I couldn’t enter that in to stop adoption due to legal technicalities. I wasn’t supported to keep my son. I was pushed to fail constantly over the first 8 weeks. We had to go out to meetings with professionals involved in my care and the children ‘s team at least 18 times (they were calling them review meetings). The forensic mental health team (another thing I had to fight to be recategorised due to the stigma and attitude that I got when places wanting to offer me support (college etc) found out I was under that team – I managed to get them to risk assess me to downgrade me into the community mental health team). The adult team I was under at the time Jonny went for adoption (forensics) could have put support in to keep me and my son from being separated – under the section 117 aftercare funding) or at least fought for contact which I have been denied since the adoption. They didn’t support me at all or fight my corner in any way.

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