I managed some sleep.

I ended up tired enough to get some sleep but I had to be up so I didn’t get much. I’m very tired. I don’t want to be awake today. I don’t particularly want to go out to do a few bits because I don’t know what has been said behind my back and no one will tell me. As I said before, I am not willing to discuss certain parts of my life. I’m not hiding anything. I’m not allowed to discuss certain things because family have told me I am not allowed. That doesn’t mean I’m up to anything bad. I’m trying to live my life in peace as much as possible. It just seems that this can be difficult when you’re a blogger who doesn’t hold back their opinions. It’s my platform. I don’t spew hate, I can be blunt with the truth but that is my personality. We all have parts of us that annoy other people.? I came out with my past to stop gossip surrounding what was and wasn’t my past. I’m not denying that at one point I was a bad person. I lied and was very clingy trying to find the love I never got growing up. I’m willing to explain that part of who I am. That crosses boundaries with me. I have to explain it though because it makes sense in the context of what happened in my past. I was just a kid crying out for emotional love after emotional neglect in home environment (that wasn’t my parents fault, it was circumstances). I sometimes do go back there when I start to feel insecure about stuff. It wasn’t a good idea to come off antidepressants because I get angry and say exactly how I feel when I’m off medication with no filter. I did the right thing by going back on them.

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