I’m not good today.

I don’t ache all over like I did yesterday. I went for a walk yesterday evening which helped ease off the stiffness in my joints. I didn’t do any exercise or move much the day before. That never helps when my joints ache. The knee was the worst part. I haven’t been able to sleep well. I’ve been unable to sleep at night for at least a few days. I feel burnt out to the point that my mind seems to have switched off. It just feels nothing at this time. I have set my alarm for lunchtime. I have to balance out my pattern because I have to be up Thursday and Friday during the day. I have to clean and tidy today because the flat inspection from letting agent happens tomorrow. It doesn’t look too bad but it needs to look a bit better. I’m just not a tidy person so it won’t ever be perfect. The cats are already asleep next to me in their sleeping spots (they claimed certain areas of my bed). I’m going to try to get a few hours sleep myself now.

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