Home at last!

I got home quite late. I wasn’t walking but I still felt like a block of ice now that it’s gone colder. I have a knee that always goes achy when the weather turns cold. It has been very irritating the last couple of days. I have got in the bath to thaw out because I just got too cold. I don’t know what is wrong with my hair but it keeps knotting up. It shouldn’t be, it never normally does after it’s done at the hairdressers. It never used to do that unless the strands have thickened up. I’m tired despite not being awake much today. I kept waking up though so I don’t actually remember how much actual sleep I had. I keep getting comments on me being pale… I’m not ill… I literally have a white as snow skin tone. It’s one of those things that has been annoying my entire life. I can burn and it will go back to that snow shade of pale. I can’t fake tan either because it goes streaky on me regardless of how even it’s applied. Autistic men are annoying. I had a friend ask me if he could touch me when we meet up earlier. I said no but they still try to tell me it’s different with them and they’ll be gentle etc. I just don’t want to be touched by other people… especially men because of what I’ve been through ok. It’s bad experiences and being a natural intuitive I pick up others energies so easily so I like to keep separated. No is no, do not touch, no exceptions. I even hate being touched when medically I have to be for examinations etc but I do that for practical reasons. There is no exchange of emotions there so no energy to pick up off of others.

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