One of my worse fears.

I watched Corrie tonight. I knew that the storyline was coming up but the fear is now unlocked in me again. I have a fear of being acid attacked. It has become more and more common over the last few years. There shouldn’t be anyone this awful walking around doing this… there are some dangerous people walking around and you wouldn’t know until it’s too late. The person who keeps ringing my door buzzer every so often had something in their hand that looked like a water bottle in their see through bags. There is no way I’m ever going to the door to confront them. They don’t speak when I pick up my door phone. I don’t trust people anyway so this fear is just one of many to me. I don’t like being touched either because of past experiences. That is also why I don’t like being seen as dangerous because I’m comparison to others. I got caught up in things I shouldn’t have done because I was naive in the past. I’ve grown up since them and learned how to be regardless whether I actually understand all the neurotypical stuff.

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