Weight loss tips.

I have lost approximately 5 stone (started at approximately 15 stone and now I am just under 10 stone). I’ve lost a lot of inches around my body. I started at 42 inches around my bust area, 38 inches in waist area and 43 around my hip area. I am currently 34 inches bust, 28 inches waist and 36 inches hips. This has taken me two years so it hasn’t been a quick process. I had to rebalance my hormones with diet etc before I could even get the weight loss to happen. I’m going to go through the mistakes that I made etc so that the process could be faster for others. The first most important thing is that you shouldn’t try to ‘starve yourself’ low calories of under 800 a day is just going to cause weight gain when you do start eating normally again. That isn’t sustainable and leads to hair loss etc (been there done that on my journey). It’s fine to have the occasional low calorie consumption day. It does help balance hormones but only if you do it a few times a week but not every single day. I saw barely any progress in comparison to now when I was eating very low calories on a daily basis. The next thing is… alcohol consumption. I know it’s hard. I cut down to every weekend and eventually every so often (new medication made me not need to drink so much because antidepressants filled the void that I was filling with alcohol). There was a point where I was drinking every single day a year ago. That isn’t something you can do if your goal is to lose weight… I tried and failed miserably. It is hard not to emotional eat/drink but this is also something that you have to become disciplined in. In case of emotional eating / drinking binge log the calories you have consumed in everything (don’t do that part if you’ve ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder because this will trigger your behaviours). This way you’re aware of how much you’ve consumed during those periods. I log everything in my fitness pal anyway so I am aware of what calories I’ve consumed every week that I have a weight loss progression. Then there is portion control. This was a huge issue for me when I first started trying to lose my excess weight. I pile the plate with low calorie stuff like vegetables if I’m feeling very hungry. I generally eat mostly vegetarian in my own home anyway unless I go for dinner at family. The portion thing is a general rule for whatever diet you prefer. Some people say weigh out the food. I personally don’t do that. I was always told to judge it by the size of your closed fist because that is all that you actually need. I have tiny hands so that basically means I will probably starve using this method. I’m built petite so maybe I don’t need as much as my eyes say I do. I’m small in my frame in general. I have short legs, only size 3 feet, child sized hands and even my torso is rather compact (I am built quite solid though especially since I have been muscle training at the gym). I’m basically an adult child mixed together. I don’t have many more tips. These are what worked for me. I would like to stress that everyone is different. There isn’t a one size fits all thing. It’s a matter of trial and error.

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