I’m authentic to a certain point.

I don’t hide many layers of me but I feel that I just cannot be open about some things. I woke up after falling asleep early thinking how much I wanted to just tell others certain things. I’m hoping that it will make me seem less weird in how I react. That wasn’t the case in the past. I was actually shamed when I told others certain things in the past. I loosely go over bits on the blog but I want to be open about stuff I’m very aware that others won’t want me to discuss. I also don’t want to discuss those things and be subject to ridicule etc. There’s still a lot of stigma surrounding all things mental health and autism. I am mean sometimes for a good reason (well it’s not good but if I explain the issues behind it then it’s understandable and shows I’m not as I was ever painted). I’m genuine but my life is far from free of ties where I can speak somewhat freely. I’ve said bits to people… not everything. I highly doubt tosh they even care now that certain people don’t like me anymore (probably never liked me at all). I don’t want to come out with certain things if I’m just going to end up ridiculed. I want people to see I’m not a bad person though.

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