So this happened today.

That wasn’t a migraine or a cold… I discovered it was an allergic reaction starting up. I just had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right so I asked my hairdresser if she had put anything on in hair Thursday when she did it. She had put in a leave in treatment for shine in there while washing my hair. I still feel swollen but I took an antihistamine so hopefully it starts working soon. It’s been over 48 hours so hopefully this is as bad as it is going to get. I’ve gone for a walk to put my mind off of it. I can’t stress about it otherwise it will kick off more. I calmly went to buy some tablets to fix the situation. I have really random allergies to stuff sometimes. I will be more relaxed about the whole thing when the rashes on the sides of my face go down. I will know it’s going on he right way then.

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