Reset my sleep pattern due to circumstances…

I am about falling asleep at 10pm. I got into bed already. I had to get up to sort out allergies earlier as soon as I had realised what was happening. I couldn’t just leave that and go back to sleep in case it got more severe. I didn’t sleep much last night. I felt too unwell to get to sleep, my head was swollen. That uncomfortable pressure pressed against bits in my head. I was planning not to leave my home today and do stuff around the flat like housework. I went out to try to find antihistamine to stop my head swelling any further. Then I went for a walk because it was a nice bright day and normally I don’t see daylight much due to sleep problems this time of year. I feel better for being out in daylight hours. I like being a night person but it doesn’t help my issues. Humans are designed to function better in sunlight rather than after dark. I feel like a happier person when I’m awake during the day. I’m dropping off to sleep while writing this… logging off now. Good night.

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